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Interdiction Stories
—grades 3 and up.

Writing Interdiction Stories
This writing exercise is based loosely on the story, Little Red Riding Hood. The idea is that two characters live together. One sends the other on an important errand, but warns them not to go to a certain place. The challenge for 3rd graders will be a little different than for the older students, so I have offered two different versions of the guides for writing the rough draft.

To begin, each students creates their own planning sheet. Here they make basic decisions about the characters, settings and primary events in the story. Once their plans are complete, we begin writing the rough drafts. The special pages I provide allow them to look at the functions of various paragraphs in the story. We do not try to write the story all at once, but instead look at the parts of the sequence that make the story work.

The guide pages Rough Draft - Simple and Rough Draft - Advanced will help focus the tasks necessary for each of the rough draft pages. Encourage the students to create their own Personal Spelling Books to develop vocabulary around story writing. I have included here a simple table of spelling words to get them started.


Rough Draft - Simple
Rough Draft - Advanced
Planning Sheet
Rough Draft Pages
Introduction (Large file //// Small file)
Departure (Large file //// Small file)
Travel (Large file //// Small file)
Problem (Large file //// Small file)
Solution (Large file //// Small file)
Safe (Large file //// Small file)
Personal Spelling Books