Following are examples of activities from my workshops. I use story games to teach creative writing in a way that helps students access their ideas in an organized manner. In all my workshops, I insist on two simple rules. Our stories are non-violent and original. The purpose is to encourage creative thinking without plagiarizing and without using violence to solve problems, so please maintain these two rules in these activities.


An Interdiction is a ban or prohiition on something. In a story it means that a character is told something they must not do. It is a wonderfully simple and at the same time sophisticated device for writing stories with children. Look to the Interdiction page for several activities that use this device for teaching writing.

Problem Solving Devices

This links to an activity I call, How Did Cinderella Get to the Ball? I use it to teach students that they have many choices when thinking about how to solve a character's problems in a story.