Lion in Love

cd cover design - Yvonne Mendez


Lion in Love

My first CD,*Lion in Love (2004) is a collaboration with some the finest musicians anywhere. It is a labor of love. (Click here for musicians' bios.)
It includes:

1. My version of "The Three Pigs" in 8-bar Blues,
2. My adaptation in verse of the old Aesops (Aethiops) Fable, "Lion in Love",
3. An Ethiopian version of a tale found in practically every culture, "Kindness and Cruelty"
4. A story from the Panchatantra, again in verse, "The Wise Men and the Tiger"
5. An original folktale, "The Wax Child" based on the Zimbabwean story, "The Wax Children,"
6. My version of the African American folktale, "The Singing Goose" in 12-bar Blues.

Between the stories, I use African proverbs to "clear the palate." I find it is an effective way to let go of the previous story and prepare for the next.

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*My tape, A Land Called Freedom (1996) is not presently in circulation but may be remastered later.