Eshu changed our lives for the few days he was here. His effect has stayed with us. Children can still be heard singing, "Palm tree dance, dance... All around the market place, dance... He is the best storyteller I have ever heard".

Susan Friend, Cultural Arts Coordinator and Teacher - Green Acres School - Rockville MD

“ ... he held the children and teachers spellbound and totally involved for a full hour, without any signs of lost contact with the audience on a hot and humid spring day.”

Glenn Connor, Principal–Ames, Iowa



I use my storytelling performances of Multicultural or African and African American Folktales as a way of introducing myself to the students and teachers and as a method of modeling principles of originality and non-violence which I insist on in my workshops.


For my workshops, I have developed a collection of instructive materials and games to help the students realize their potential to create excellent stories. Activities are intended to impart tools which will aid the students in being able to draw on knowledge they already have from reading and listening to stories. Sample materials on my Workshops page may give an idea of my approach.

I would like to thank Eshu Bumpus for the incredible work that he does with our students. He is inspirational and mesmerizes our students. He is able to reveal the story teller within everyone that he works with.

     Thank you for inspiring our students!

Jay Mihalko,   Principal

Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School - Hartford, CT

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